About Anthony

Anthony Flatt is the retired Chairman of Team Georgia USA Wrestling and an experienced corporate executive with over $100MM in sales and close to three decades of increasing success in technology sales, sales management, and business development. A seasoned professional with strong entrepreneurial traits including tenacity, high energy, endurance, self-reliance, independent thinking, and a sense of urgency. A demonstrated ability to develop a clear vision and achieve aggressive goals in challenging environments.

He is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company “AC Enterprises” at 19 years old in 1986.  Anthony in addition to being a full-time corporate executive is the owner of anthonyflatt.com and BusinessAtTheSpeedOfSell.com, where he helps others build and promote their online and offline businesses.anthony-office

“I am a business strategist, coach, and consultant who helps business owners apply strategic insights and actionable exercises so they can grow their online and offline businesses and deliver measurable results.”

Anthony Flatt was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1967. His parents never married and his mother, Beverly died when Anthony was seven years old from complications of childbirth. Anthony’s family was split up as his older, and younger sisters went to live with their Grandmother in another state while Anthony and his younger brother went on to be raised by Anthony’s step-father. Anthony’s step-father was ex-military, a professional gambler, bar owner, and restaurateur. Anthony, at 14 years old, would run away from home and reunite with his older sister who was 19 years old and had two children of her own. Not long after, Anthony would find his way to Boys Town home for boys in Nebraska. Boys Town is where Anthony found and fell in love with the sport of wrestling.

After high school, Anthony would pay his way to attend the Nebraska College of Business and Gateway College while working full-time in restaurant management.

Not long after graduation, Anthony would get into technology sales and project management where he would work his way up the corporate ladder. Over the next 25 years, Anthony would hold a number of Technical and Executive Sales positions with some of the biggest technology companies in the world including Digital Equipment, General Electric, Motorola, Ericsson, Fujitsu and LG Electronics.

In 1997, Anthony married his High School sweetheart Cheryl. They have three children in addition to Anthony’s older son from a previous marriage.

Once he had a family of his own, Anthony was driven to provide a stable income to support them. While continuing to be successful in the corporate world, he decided to try to figure out a way to earn an ongoing residual income that he could pass down to his children.

Anthony first tried building a residual income in 1986 at the age of 19 with one of the world’s largest direct marketing businesses. Unsuccessful, he tried again in 1994 with the same company and was mildly successful while being mentored by a wonderful husband and wife team who taught him as much about becoming a good husband and father as being an honest businessman. Anthony is still associated with that business today.

Anthony spent the next few years focused on his corporate job and the then booming High-speed Internet Broadband business. He went on to build a multi-million-dollar Broadband integration business for a large systems integration company in Atlanta.

Anthony then worked with venture capitalists and private equity firms to raise over $9MM in support of an employee buyout of the division Anthony and his team had built.

But as fate would have it the “dot-com bubble” would burst in March of 2001 and the $9MM in VC funding along with more than $3.76MM in annual sales would all but disappear. Anthony was forced to find gainful employment for himself and his team in an all but hysterical technology marketplace.

Anthony survived and even thrived during the next few years. Corporations were overvalued and going under and companies that did survive like Cisco saw their stock drop by as much as 86%. Anthony with his tenacity for self-survival was able to succeed during the chaos of the coming years.

Not wanting to give up on his dream of building a monthly residual income Anthony would try again to build several more network marketing companies with only marginal success.

Anthony did not see any real success until he created his websites and promoted his products. Anthony, speaking of the first launch of one of his products, said “Watching my PayPal account go up and up was like playing the slot machines in Vegas except every spin was a winner.”

This success cemented Anthony’s longstanding belief that you could indeed build a successful business on the Internet part-time. Anthony went on to create several more products, video training programs, a podcast and wrote several books that he published on Amazon’s Kindle store.

Anthony finally saw success in his part-time businesses. That success, however, did come with an unexpected need to continuously support the customers of those products at all hours of the day and night. Additionally, he learned that with each new successful product that he would immediately be dealing with hackers, spammers, and copycats stealing his products and or promoting them as their own.

Meanwhile, the Broadband market was beginning to slow, and some of Anthony’s key customers either merged, were bought out or closed down.

Out of necessity, Anthony began applying his Internet Marketing techniques to his Corporate Sales efforts with huge success. Anthony said, “My Corporate Colleagues and Executive Board considered my radical marketing techniques as almost Voodoo.” They did not understand why it worked they just knew it did and praised Anthony for thinking outside of the box, Anthony then responded: “What Box?”.

Anthony would soon have to choose between working his businesses full-time or continuing to generate a healthy six-figure income in Executive Sales.

Or, was there another option?

Was there a way for Anthony to market and support products he used and believed in without being forced to follow the typical network marketing business plan? Anthony had no interest in “meeting people” at the grocery store, gas station or shopping mall as many multi-level marketing companies still use as a core strategy. Nor, was he interested in spamming his family and friends in email and on Social Media about attending a “home meeting.”

Anthony has been able to take all that he has learned over the last 30 years and apply it to building his monthly residual income by building his brand while using and promoting products and services he also believes in.

By promoting products and services, he likes and uses, Anthony can help his customers find and benefit from these products and services while also leveraging his decades of experience to help them build their brand and business with an ongoing monthly residual income.

Anthony is now working with a small group of dedicated National and International business owners helping them diversify and grow their businesses worldwide.

 To contact Anthony please email him at anthony@anthonyflatt.com.