How to make Money on Fiverr

How to make Money on Fiverr

This is Anthony Flatt, today I’m going to talk about Fiverr, What is Fiverr? Fiverr is an online global marketplace where people sell products and services starting at five bucks.

It’s a website primarily used by freelancers to offer a variety of products and services worldwide. I have been using Fiverr for a number of years and there’s really good services you can get off there for a very reasonable price.

They advertise five dollars per gig. They call it like a gig, like a rock band would get a gig. Today, you don’t really get a lot of products and services for five dollars. You certainly still can but it’s like the entry level.

So when somebody offers to write an article for you for five dollars, they’ll write the article for five dollars because that’s the requirement of the whole platform being Fiverr being five dollars.

But if you want to get that in a reasonable amount of time maybe they’ll say that they’re going to deliver that but they’ll deliver it in a week or three days or five days. And then if you want it delivered sooner, they’re going to offer you additional gigs. Additional gigs are, if you pay additional increments of five dollars you can get things done faster or get more of them done or get additional jobs done. Fiverr does start at five dollars but it’s not necessarily just five dollars. You can buy additional gigs.

When I had my podcast intro done, I had it done by a number of different people on Fiverr and it probably cost me on average, $25 to $50 per person to create the intro and then I probably had four or five people create my intro before I actually chose one. In the grand scheme of things I probably spent $250 on Fiverr getting my intro done but comparatively if I was to go to a local musician or if I was to hire somebody here in the US, in Atlanta, to do the same thing, it would have cost me $1000 to $1500 for sure.

Fiverr is definitely a marketplace where you can get things done at a very reasonable price. What I’m going to talk about today though is, how do you make money with Fiverr? I have a lot of people saying, “Anthony, I want to get into the ‘make money online.’ I want to start making money on the internet and how do I get started?”

A lot of times people think, “Well, I need a start by building a website and then doing SEO and then starting a blog and then starting a podcast and then building a product.” 

To be honest with you, yes you probably do all those things over time but if you’re just looking to start making money as quickly as possible freelancing and specifically using Fiverr is a great way to get started. It’s also a great way to learn what it is you want to do.

If you get in there and you start taking some of your talents and your services, if you have a talent for writing, you can go and offer your writing capabilities on Fiverr and start making some money. If you are a voice talent and you want to do voice-overs, you can offer that. If you’re an artist and you want to do design work, you can do that. If you want to create podcast coverage, you can do that. There’s lots of different things you can talents and start doing.

The value of doing that is obviously you’ll get paid for it but you also start to learn what people want, what people are willing to pay for, where the value basis is so that when you do eventually create a product, you’ll have a better understanding of what the market might be interested in, in that type of product. Also, you’ll be interfacing with people who are building products or doing things. That’s why they’re hiring you to make this podcast cover or whatever.

And in the process of communicating with them you could explore with them more of what they’re doing and get a better understanding of what types of products and services people are selling out there on the internet, beyond just the freelancer portion of it. There’s lots of videos and website and blogs on how to go to Fiverr and get started. So I’m not going to go into a lot of details on how to go to Fiverr and get started but I do want to give you a little bit of an overview.

Let’s go over a couple of things with creating what they call a “Fiverr Gig.” First off, obviously you have to have an account. You go to and create your account. Once you’ve created your account you’re going to create the gig, your gig, what is it going to be? You’re going to log in and then you’re going to go and you’re going to create your gig.

The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to create a title. You put your title in there. It’s going to give you up to 80 characters to type whatever your title is. And then you’re going to have to go from the drop down menu and choose your category, pick your category what’s the category of what your product/service is. Then you’re going to add an image for that so you’re going to go to the Gig Gallery and click “browse” and pick your image and upload an image for your gig.

You’re going to want to type in a description for your gig. You get up to 1200 characters to type in a really good description for your gig and we’ll talk in a minute about the lot of the details of each one of these. Next you’re going to end up putting in your metadata and that’s the information that describes your gig. Really it’s the keyword. It’s the phrase. If you’re offering transcription services then “transcription services” needs to be in your metadata.

If you’re offering podcast covers then obviously “podcast covers” because that’s how the search engines are going to be able to find your gig and people outside of Fiverr can actually find and hire you to do those services, not just the people that are on Fiverr themselves. You want to make sure that you get the metadata in there, get your tags in there. Your duration, how long are you going to take to deliver your gig, if it’s one day, if it’s two days, three days or whatever your duration is and you put that in there.

Then you put any additional instructions for the buyer once they start to order. A lot of times when somebody buys a product from you, you’re going to need to ask them for additional information like “Give me the URL to your website. Give me the URL to your podcast. Send me the files. Send me the script you want me to use for the voice-over.” You’re going to need to ask them to send you whatever it is that you need to be able to provide that gig.

That’s where you would include that. You would include that into the “Instructions to the buyers.” And then you save that and you can continue on. It will allow you to add additional gigs through your Fiverr gig and depending on what your level is. If you’re brand new, they’re going to limit how many gigs you can offer and then as you get more experienced and sell more products, they’ll open it up and allow you to offer a lot more.

But an additional gig might be, if you normally turn your product around or your service around in three days, for another five dollars maybe you’ll do it in a day, or if you normally only transcribe 300 words, maybe for another five dollars you’ll transcribe 700 words or 1000 words. That’s how you can actually do it. It’s the up-sell. You go to the fast food place and you buy the burger. It’s the fries and Coke.

It’s the up-sell to give your gig so that you’re not just doing gigs for five dollars, you’re actually doing gigs for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five dollars or more. I have seen gigs where some of the up-sells are $50, $75, $60. They add a couple of those up-sells or couple of those additional gigs. You can have an $80 or $100 sell very easily.

I said earlier that I wasn’t going to go into great detail on how to create a Fiverr gig because there are so many other resources out there but in the description that I just gave, let me go into a little bit more detail as if I was going to create a Fiverr gig. If I was going to go out and create a Fiverr gig today, something that might not be very appealing to you is I would not go and just sit down, open up a new Fiverr gig and start typing stuff in and put in whatever it is I want to offer.

The reason being, is I have no idea if anybody wants to buy what it is I think I want to offer. Why do I want to create a Fiverr gig if nobody is going to buy it? First I would do some research. I would go out and start searching for the terms that I’m going to use to promote my Fiverr gig and see what comes up, see what other offers are out there, see what other people are selling. I will go in and look at the person’s ratings. I’ll go in and look at how many gigs they’re getting. I’ll look at their reviews.

I’ll look at their descriptions, even as much as I’ll copy and paste a bunch of different descriptions from a bunch of similar offers and then I’ll go through and pick out the commonalities between them. I’ll pick out the catch phrases and the best parts of them and I’ll go and cut and paste those into another document and edit and size those into my own words to then make my description so that my descriptions, my titles and all of my stuff are using the best of all the other offers.

Let’s take all the other offers. We’ll get all of them and piece apart the offers and get the parts that look best, that sound best and let’s use those. I would also then go look at what kind of pictures are they using, what kind of descriptions are they using. Are they doing video? What are their tags that they put in there, their metadata so that the Google search engine and the search engines in the world are picking up on that? What tags are they using for that?

I would go and even run my own searches on the various search engines to see what is coming up when I search for these different terms. How to make money on Fiverr or transcribing podcast show notes or whatever it is your service is, go and search that and see what comes up and get a better idea of the titles that people are using, specifically what Fiverr gigs are coming up or any of the Fiverr gigs coming up on the page that you’re looking for.

This is something that I would think is obvious but I’m going to say it because somebody’s going to miss it. Don’t type Fiverr in your description or all the returns are going to be Fiverr gigs. If you type in “I’ll transcribe 1500 words for you ____ Fiverr,” then nothing but Fiverr gigs are going to come up.

But if you type in “I’ll transcribe 1500 words for you” you’re going to probably get some Fiverr gigs that come up but you’ll get other posts in other websites and other offers that will also come up and you’ll be able to see what those look like. You’ll be able to see how high up is my Fiverr competition ranking with that particularly. A lot of people run from competition. They say, “Well there’s 40 people already offering that service. I am not here for competition.”

I believe that lots of competition is like a giant fire hose and all I want to do is get in front of the fire hose and get my portion, get my part of that stream. I want to get wet as well. I’d rather do that than go and try to find an empty well and climb down at the bottom of it and find if there’s any water in it. That’s like building a product and then going trying to find a market. You build a widget and then go see if anybody wants to buy it.

Let’s find what people want to buy and then go build that so that we can get in front of that stream. It’s not really that hard to do. When you’re looking at the different competitors on Fiverr, just look at how many offers do they have. How many do they have in the queue? How many gold stars or do they have five star ratings they have? You can look in Fiverr.

It allows you to rank. You assort by the highest ranking on the competitor. Look at that and look at your competitors and see who is delivering what kinds of services that are similar to what you want to offer, and how successful are they. If there’s six, eight or ten people offering it and they’re super successful, that’s great.

If there’s two and they’re both super successful, they both get 10 or 20 jobs in the queue, that’s great because that tells me that if they’ve got 10 or 20 jobs in the queue and there’s only two of them, if you would be the third person, at least a certain percentage of the market is going to say, “Okay, that guy’s got 20 jobs in the queue. That guy’s got 15 jobs in the queue. Maybe I’m going to try this person that only has one job in the queue or no jobs in the queue.”

If you’re brand new you might even want to say, “Hey look, I’ve been doing this for many years but this is my first Fiverr gig, money back guarantee or whatever.” So that somebody will trust you. A trick that you could use to really help you initially is to get a bunch of your friends and go pay them six or seven bucks so the Fiverr cost plus the Fiverr charges a fee now, so it will be like $5.50 or whatever it’s going to cost.

So pay them six or seven bucks and ask them to go hire you for a Fiverr gig and then give you a good rating on it. Fiverr might have a little bit of an issue with that so use that at your own discretion, especially if it’s somebody you’ve done work for before, just give them the money and have them hire you for a job that you’ve already done for them. You gave them money so they’re not out of anything.

They have to spend the five dollars with Fiverr or else the whole system doesn’t work. You can’t have somebody go post a review for something that you’ve already done. It has to be a new one. But if you could get five or six or ten people to do that then you’d have five or six or ten reviews and I think that would give the customer a lot more confidence in purchasing from you.

Another point is, I don’t know that this is really true. I guess it probably is, but if you’re not in the United States, I have seen and I have read where it says that people in the United States that are offering Fiverr gigs in the United States are a lot more successful than people from other countries. If you are from another country you might want to go in and do some searches and do some research on how you can create an American account and there’s some information out there on how to create an American account.

You can look at that as well. Another thing is you want to make sure that you do is make sure that you do create a video. Create a video, just grab your phone, do a video of you talking about your Fiverr gig or what you’re offering. It doesn’t have to be a very long video, 10 seconds, 30 seconds or whatever you want to put down. Don’t go on and on and on. Be very to-the-point but be very personable.

Be very relaxed. Try not to be robotic. People will buy a lot more from posts and gigs that actually have a video in them. Then you can also take your Fiverr gigs and you can market on all the social medias. You can market it on Facebook. You can market it on Twitter and all of those campaigns. So definitely use all of the social media platforms in marketing your Fiverr gig. Hopefully you got something out of that and I’ll catch you next time.

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