Internet Marketing

Want me to help you make your online business profitable?

Look, I have NOT stumbled up on, as it is said far too often, “the next big thing.”

I am not here to tell you I have all the answers. I have however, been a very successful businessman for more than 25 years.

In fact, I believe that my years of experience selling high-end expensive high-tech products and services are exactly why I have been successful creating and selling informational products online.

I know that many people wanting to sell products and services online buy into a lot of false claims of an:

  • Instant Autopilot Method, or
  • ATM Instant Profit system or
  • Miracle Solution

That is supposed to solve the problems that plague all of our businesses.

And I’m basing this on personal experience because this is exactly what happened in my own online business.

Well, I am NOT that guy. I am a real person with a real business, a family, a mortgage, commitments, responsibilities and business challenges just like anyone else.

With that said, I have spent years and invested tens of thousands of dollars learning how to create and sell products online.

And yes. I have bought into the overnight success miracle products (one would like to think I would have know better) and they did as all get rich get offers do; absolutely nothing, except take my money.


Ethical Internet Marketers

I did eventually get some good advice and find some reputable, ethical Internet Marketers to learn from like Russell Brunson, John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson, Lee McIntyre and Omar Martin. Just five of more than two-dozen Internet Marketers I have bought products from over the years.

The challenge is they all are at different places in their business and each teaches from a different perspective. So, I found myself trying to implement five or six different plans all at the same time and it was nuts.

Don’t get me wrong everything I learned from these “five guys” (“burgers and fries” Ok, that was kind of funny.) was very valuable but it was like drinking from five or six fire hoses at the same time.

I finally settled on learning from two excellent teachers John Thornhill and Russell Brunson. Both have great products and can teach you a lot.

But, even settling on two was still trying to do too many things that did not fit together. They say, “If you have two business plans you have none”. And that is exactly where I was.

I attended one of Russell Brunsons’ seminars and really like his straightforward approach to online business. I like that he did not hide behind pen names and faceless businesses. His name is on everything he does and you can find him in his office in Boise, ID.

I have never been a fan of what I call “Hit and Run Marketing” where an Internet Marketer builds a product quickly, spends more time on pushing the product than creating it an when the refund rates get too high they disappear.


Build products, Take care of customers

Coming from the corporate world my mind is just wired to build products, take care of customers and build more products.

This was driven home during this seminar.

Once I focused on having just one mentor to follow, just one plan to execute a lot of great things started to happen for me. I got rid of a lot of distractions and zeroed in on what was working with my business and what was not.

You cannot do everything all at once so the turning point really was having someone to tell me exactly what to do and what not to do, what to focus on and what not to focus on, what to do now and what to put off until later.

This was not how to buy some software that will fix everything.

This was here is how you can take your business and make it work better. Everything from:

  • How to write sales copy or get it done for you, to
  • What offers work best for which customers and why, to
  • How to build a value ladder, to
  • Why all the profit is in the backend, to
  • How to build a proper sale funnel, etc.

There are thousands of people selling products out there that feed off our basic desire for a quick fix. And billions of dollars have been made selling these “snake oil remedies” as instant fix solutions.

The reality is the only real business is “real business”. Get a customer to buy something from you and then over deliver and then ask them to buy something else and over deliver again. If your helping your customers and they are getting a lot of value out of your products then you have the potential for a “real business”.

I said potential for a real business because having a great product doesn’t guarantee you success. In fact, there are whole businesses built around finding great products that were created but never sold. Someone created a great product but never learned how to get their product to market. So someone else did and made all the money.

If you have a strong six figure online business and you want to take it to seven figures or more I highly recommend Russell Brunson’s $25,000 Coaching program.

If you are not at that level with your business then I am going to assume for a moment that you are in a place with your business similar to where I was. That you have been looking or needing for someone to help you figure all this out. I can help you with that…

But Here’s The Catch…

Actually, this doesn’t even count as a “real” catch. That’s just what we hear all the time, and I couldn’t help myself 🙂

There’s no real catch… but there are a few things you need to be aware of.

First, I only have time to invest in 10 people and some of those spots are already full. No real explanation needed on that one, right?

Second, you’ve got to be cool to work with.

Life’s WAY too short to work with people you don’t like, so I have a simple application process to find out if you’re cool, teachable and to make sure you’ve got the drive to be successful in your business.

So, here’s the deal.

Down below is a very short application form that I need you to fill out.

Do you see it?

When you fill out that application, it will be personally emailed to me.

If I think you might be a good fit, I will contact you for a strategy session and we can talk about your business and you as a person. That’s why it’s VITAL that you fill out the form completely, and actually “sell” yourself on why you’d be a good fit.

Once I receive your info, I’ll contact you (probably the same day via Skype or email) to setup a time to talk.

NOTICE #1 – this offer expires and will go away without notice so I can focus on my current clients.

NOTICE #2 – you need to be available for your strategy session within 3 days after you complete the application. If you’re not, then you’ll forfeit your slot.

NOTICE #3 – I have no idea how many thousands of people will see this so I cannot guarantee I will be able to work with you. The strategy sessions are awarded on a first come, first served bases 10 at a time.

NOTICE #4 – This is my coaching program and you will be working with me directly. My coaching program includes weekly one-to-one working sessions, insight on my tools and my people and access to me via email and Skype.

The cost for my personal coach program is an insanely low $997. We will talk about this on the strategy session.

“You mean your not charging me before my strategy session?” No.

The reason is I am not going to invite everyone that completes an application to a strategy session and the people I do invite to the strategy session I may find that I don’t want to work with. I need to make sure I bring on clients that want and need to be successful. I owe it to my current clients not to waste my time, as that is precious time I can spend with my current clients.

The available slots will be reserved fast, so if you’re interested, then fill out the form below now.

I look forward to working with you soon.