Non-Profit Charity

Anthony Flatt is the Retired State Chairman of the Georgia Amateur Wrestling Association also known as Team Georgia USA Wrestling the state governing body of amateur wrestling in Georgia. USA Wrestling is the governing body for amateur wrestling in the United States and is the driving force behind the United States Olympic Wrestling Teams. Team Georgia as the all-volunteer non-profit state affiliate of USA Wrestling is the leading provider of amateur wrestling events and opportunities in Georgia.

Anthony first was involved in high school wrestling back in the early-80’s while at “Boys Town”. Anthony went to Boys Town in 1983 at odds with his family and life. Needing discipline and direction he turned to the Boys Town wrestling program and learned new skills and much about himself that would have a great impact later in his life.

With his primary focus on his family in 2002, that focus brought him back to the one thing that gave him the most direction in life and that was wrestling. Knowing what wrestling instilled in him he wanted his children to have the same experience.

Anthony became involved with Team Georgia Wrestling working as a volunteer where he eventually became the Kids Director and then the Chairman of the Georgia Amateur Wrestling Association. He was named the USA Wrestling’s State Chairman of the Year in 2010 by USA Wrestling and was the USA Wrestling Presidents Award winner in 2013.

Under his leadership, the Georgia Amateur Wrestling Association helps raise more than $780,000 annually to help support wrestling through clubs and high school programs in Georgia. Team Georgia has provided funding to start a statewide Girls wrestling program that has produced multiple National Champions and given Girls the opportunity to attend College through wrestling scholarships.

Just a few short years ago there were no College wrestling programs in Georgia. Team Georgia has provided five Georgia NAIA colleges and one Junior College with $10,000 gifts each to start their wrestling programs. Recently Anthony established “Beat the Streets-Georgia” to expand and develop youth programs in Georgia’s “at risk” communities. These programs will focus on at-risk students in middle schools by using wrestling as a tool to develop personal discipline and leadership skills.

He, his wife Cheryl and their children are all involved with the wrestling programs. Anthony credits his time at Boys Town with giving him the tools to eventually make the right choices in his life and for helping him to become a good father and husband. Unashamedly he says; “If not for getting involved in wrestling at Boys Town…I believe I would be dead or in prison as are many of my childhood friends.”

By being committed to his family and assuming a leadership role in his community, Anthony is carrying forward the dream Father Flanagan had for all of his alumni–to be good citizens and give back to their communities in positive and constructive ways.

Over the last 10 years, Anthony has won a lot of awards and held a number of positions with the State level wrestling associations in Georgia. Including:

  • Director of Fund-raising for AAU Wrestling in Georgia
  • President of AAU Wrestling in Georgia
  • Kids Director for Team Georgia USA Wrestling
  • State Chairman of Team Georgia USA Wrestling
  • Dixie Nationals Most Outstanding Coach 2005
  • Named the USA Wrestling Volunteer of the month in Feb 2007
  • Named USA Wrestling Chairman of the year in August 2010
  • Named Team Georgia Volunteer Of The Year 2011
  • Named USA Wrestling Presidents Club Award Winner July 2013