Skype Marketing – Part 2 of 4

Skype™ Marketing 

Part 2 of 4

Welcome everyone to Part 2 of this 4-part series on Skype Marketing. Let’s jump in where we left off yesterday. So this term, ‘guru-stalking’, you know maybe it’s not the most professional term that ever was, but it’s really colorful in describing exactly what I’m doing. You know, being able to find and connect with influential people in your market is a very important business thing to have.

You can connect with your competitors’ customers, you can connect with other industry professionals that can help and grow your business, you can connect with business professionals that you can partner with – there are a lot of reasons to do this ‘guru-stalking’ if you will. And ‘guru-stalking’ is not exclusive to Skype, but I use Skype probably more than I use anything else.

You know, the idea is you take this person that you’re wanting to connect with, you get information about them, what they’re doing, who they are, you know, where do they go, what are they interested in and then you connect with them on Skype and you’re able to communicate with them about those things that they’re interested in and about those things that they’re doing, especially if there is specifically business instances where you have a commonality or you think that there is an opportunity to form a win-win relationship with them. So connecting with them on Skype is very, very valuable and very important.

Now with all that said, if you find these people that are leaders in the markets that you want to be in, they’re more than likely too busy to have time to actually talk to you. You know, if you’re wanting to break into the acting business and you reach out to a lot of famous actors, do you think they’re going to respond right away to you? Do you think they’re going to be really interested in talking to you? Probably not.

And that holds true for business as well. But what about the people that work with these famous actors? The junior level actors, that ones that are not necessarily as famous, the make-up artists, the producers, the directors, the agents, the sound crew – I mean there is a lot of different people that you could connect with that know that particular actor or those actors, that could help you get into that circle of influence by befriending them.

And oftentimes, those people are also looking for additional clients, additional business relationships and they’re more open to talking to somebody wanting to get into the acting business, using that as the example. So they tend to be more open to having that communication with you. So reaching out to them as a way to build up a relationship that can then be leveraged to get your access to that famous actor is a very powerful tool in developing a relationship with that more successful actor.

In the Internet marketing world, you know you might not be able to develop a one-on-one relationship with a Frank Kern or Russell Brunson, you know, right off the bat. But they have a lot of people that they’ve worked with, they have a lot of people that are fans of theirs and they have openly endorsed them.

You could go and connect with those people that have endorsed them, that are fans of them, that are friends with them and become friends with their friends and build your relationship from the level of being able to reach out to the people who are more accessible and more available. I call those the ‘junior gurus’, right?

They’re not necessarily at the highest level, but they already have a relationship with the people that are on the highest level and they’re at a more accessible level, they’re still building their business, they’re still interested in making business relationships and open to communicating with people that are newer in building their businesses.

Finding these ‘junior gurus’ is not hard. Once you start doing some research, you’re going to find some of these names pop up again and again and again and you will find that they are generally more accessible than the guru you’re trying to stalk. Now when you initially reach out to these ‘junior gurus’, they’re going to be just as reluctant as the gurus are to initially form a relationship with you or open up to you.

UntitledSo you really have to find a way to get them interested in communicating with you and developing a relationship with you. And you do that by following them on Facebook, liking their Facebook posts, commenting on their Facebook posts, commenting on their blogs, commenting on their website, sending them positive responses on their advertisements, even as much as if you’ve bought their products, give them a free written testimonial or give them a free video testimonial to their product, really provide them a lot of value and don’t ask anything in return.

I mean that’s what they’re expecting. They’re expecting you to send them a written testimonial and then, you know, a few hours later, a few days later, you’re going to send them another follow-up email with some kind of request, or you’re going to send them a Facebook message or a Skype message with some kind of request, right? That’s the way the world often works. Somebody does something nice for you and they immediately come back and ask for something in return.

Build up good will with these people, the ‘junior gurus’ and even the gurus, you know, do things for them that they’ll find value in, so then when you do reach out and try to develop that relationship, you do reach out and try to communicate with them, they already have a positive base of knowledge of who you are.

It is amazing how far that good will will go, be it giving them a free testimonial, a video testimonial, 2 or 3 reviews of their product, you know, a positive review of their product, sell their product for them, endorse their product on your website, do these things that provide value. If you go to their conferences, you know, bring them a gift and don’t ask for anything in return and don’t make a big deal when you give them the gift.

Give them the gift at a time that nobody else is around or nobody else sees you doing it. It’s not that act of giving them the gift that you want to; you want to develop that relationship with them. And do this honestly, don’t do this just as a ‘this is my stalking technique’.

I mean yes, it is the technique, that’s exactly what it is, but do it honestly. If you don’t feel like giving them something, don’t give them something, because it will come off as being disingenuous. Now as an example, I’ve been guru-stalking Russell Brunson for a number of years. I’ve been following him for probably 10 years, I’ve been developing a relationship with him for probably the last 5 or 6 years and I didn’t initially start developing a relationship because I had this grand strategy.

Picture1I didn’t really develop this strategy until after I had implemented some parts and pieces to it accidentally and found out how well it worked. I’ve told this story on a number of podcasts, but I’ll briefly cover it again here. I was able to attend a number of Russell Brunson’s live events and the first live event that I ever went to – Russell is a big wresting fan, I’m a big wresting fan, and not the WWW whatever, not the pro-wresting stuff, but the real wresting, what they feature in the Olympics and Russell and I are both big Freestyle and Greco fans.

And so, when I went to the business conference, I actually took some wrestling gear that I had, some t-shirt and shorts and some work-out gear, because at that time, Russell had a practice facility there in Boise at his office. So I took a gym bag full of wresting gear – a new gym bag, new wresting gear- and when I checked into the hotel where the conference is, I assumed that having attending many conferences, both as an attendee and as a presenter, that Russell was probably staying at the hotel where the conference was at.

So when I checked in, I took my bag and I left it for the hotel attendant and I asked, ‘Has Russell Brunson checked in yet?’ And they went and looked and they said, ‘No, he hasn’t checked in yet.’ And I said, ‘Could you please give this to him when he checks in? He’s expecting it.’ And they looked at me kind of funny and then said, ‘Okay, fine,’ they took it and then they were going to give it to Russell when he checked in. Now I told them that Russell is expecting it, obviously to make sure that they would take the bag and give it to him, because I don’t know that they really like handing, you know, strange bags to their guests as they checked in, but it worked and they did it.

Best Experience Ever… Build a Relationship with Russell

The next day, in the conference, as we were getting started, Russell came on, started doing his presentation, did his introduction and stuff and then a little bit into the conference, maybe 30 or 40 minutes into the conference, Russell stopped and asked where Anthony Flatt was.

And I rang my hand and he came over and shook my hand and thanks me for the bag of gear and he basically explained to the audience that that was a great way to make a connection with somebody of influence and basically explaining what I’m doing today, explain that’s a great way to build a relationship with them.

Anthony Flatt and Russell Brunson

Anthony Flatt and Russell Brunson

Now, from there, I’ve now attended several of Russell Brunson’s live events, I’ve been on many, many webinars and conferences with Russell, I’ve bought many, many products from Russell, I have Russell’s personal phone number, I text him from time to time. But let me be specific in this: I have developed a good relationship with Russell, I do not abuse that relationship.

Matter of fact, I’m very, very careful not to abuse that relationship. I don’t go and ask Russell to promote things that I don’t think are major benefit to him. I don’t ask Russell to do things that aren’t a big benefit to him. Matter of fact, I very rarely ask Russell to do anything. I really try just to promote his products and learn from what he’s doing. If I have something that is, you know, specifically challenging that I think he can help with, yes, maybe I reach out to him.

I usually do that at a conference, wait till he’s not too busy and then, you know, ask him some questions or some personal one-on-one questions or maybe send him an email and oftentimes I get a response from one of the admins. But that’s one example of being able to reach out to somebody. Now Russell knows who I am when I text him, as a matter of fact most of the times when I do reach out to him, it’s about wresting.

I texted him from the NCAA National Championships to ask him if he was there, you know, I’ve sent him pictures of some different events that I went to, I was fortunate enough to go to World Championships in Budapest a couple of years ago and I sent him some pictures from Budapest and Russell sent me some pictures back of his son in the wresting gear that I sent him, so we have that relationship.

So over time, I’m going to continue to develop that relationship with Russell and there is going to be ways for us to be able to work together. But he is on a much higher level than where I am today, so I don’t want to waste his time. So maybe I’m going a little too long on this whole guru thing, but you definitely want to develop these relationships, because they can be very important and very valuable.

But you also want to value those relationships. Don’t abuse these gurus once you do make those connections, or you’ll lose those connections immediately. The relationship with those gurus is very important. But learning from them is even more important. Following them – and when I say ‘stalking’, I don’t mean stalking in the way of hiding in the bushes and jumping out when you see them, but stalking them from the perspective of learning everything you can possibly learn about them.

You know, studying their processes is just as important as studying their products or knowing that they’re successful. Knowing why they’re successful is almost as important if not more important than knowing that they are successful. And I kind of have been doing this in my business life for many years. Basically, Anthony Robbins says, ‘If you want to be successful, find somebody that is successful and do what they’re doing.’

And I’ve been modelling that for a very long time, so I found businesses that are doing what I want to be doing, I studied them and then I implemented a lot of the things that they implemented with my own special tweaks and twists and techniques and that has really helped me accelerate the growth of my businesses. And I’ve been doing that for some time.

So when I was guru-stalking Russell, I was copying everything I could get from Russell: every webpage I would write it down, I would print it out, I would read it, I would study it, I would circle things I liked, I would cross out things I didn’t like and I really developed a good understanding of what Russell is all about, what his business is all about; which is also why I’m a huge fan, because I was kind of initially looking for, ‘Okay, where is the scam, where is the thing that is only going to work for him because of some specific circumstance?’

And in reality, once I torn all apart, once I really figured out what it was that all about or what my understanding of what it was all about, I found that he’s all about learning everything he possibly can about the market and then exploiting everything he can about those markets. And he has even come out with products now, with his funnel-hacking products of actually formalizing the process of doing exactly what I’m talking about.

One of the biggest ways he is promoting to make money on the Internet!

One of the biggest ways he is promoting to make money on the Internet today and to grow your business today is to take and find successful people and funnel-hack them: find out what their sales funnel is, find out what their marketing funnel is and basically mirror it, model it.

Not copy it word for word, but do the same things that they’re doing: advertise where they’re advertising, advertise the same ways they’re advertising, build your product similar to what they’re doing.

I mean it is very obvious: here in the States we’ve got Home Depot, which is a big home improvement store, and then we have Lowe’s. And Home Depot and Lowe’s look very similar, with the exception of they have different names and they have slightly different products.

But for the most part, if you looked at one of them and you looked at the other, there are more similarities than not in the way they run their business; same thing with fast-foods, same thing with sandwich shops, same thing with convenience stores. Once somebody figures out a formula, there is a lot of opportunity by leveraging that formula multiple times with your own spec and your own technique.

Hold that thought and we’ll continue tomorrow, in Part 3 of this 4-part series on Skype marketing.

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