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Today I want to go over Offline Webinars the powerful marketing tool .

In recent history, the internet has changed the way businesses connect with their customers drastically. Advertising that has been effective for the last decade – such as newspaper and radio advertising, investing in a road sales force, and direct mail – have suddenly become out of date.

In order to maintain success, businesses nowadays need to find new and effective ways to connect with customers. Marketing strategies need to be “focused on the crowd” –  toward the places where customers are gathering today. Social media platforms and websites. They need to take advantage of new technologies, like smartphones, portable electronic tablets, laptops, and eReaders.

In addition to changing the way we market our products, rapid advances in communication have also developed, compared to 10 years ago for example. Texting has replaced telephone conversations. Tweets have replaced emails. Facebook statuses are more common than cards and letters and so on.

These things aren’t bad. The world is constantly changing and will continue changing. Businesses that are able to adapt to the changes will be successful. While those that struggle to keep up with constant change will be left behind.

Entire industries have been shaken by these changes. Newspapers in many countries are going bankrupt as advertisers and readers flock to digital alternatives. That are faster and more effective at reaching people.

Blockbuster, which was responsible for decimating many of the mom and pop video stores around the country 20 years ag. Now finds itself teetering on the edge of irrelevance due to the availability of high-speed, high-definition video streaming that can be played back on almost any mobile device.

Circuit City, Office Max, and Petland were all once-powerful brands that have subsequently gone out of business. Because they were unable to adapt in a rapidly changing business environment.

Supply and demand, the law of the jungle, call it whatever you will. If you are not providing what customers are looking for today, right now, then you may as well close your doors and try another profession.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

In this article, we will be looking at a quick overview of one of the most cutting edge marketing tools available today: Offline webinars.

Offline webinars provide one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to interact successfully with your customer base. Being virtually face to face with your customer.

In the same way that traveling salesman would stick their foot in the door. To prevent housewives from shutting them out. Offline webinars allow you to get yourself in front of your customers and offer them something of real value. Cementing your bond with your clients and positioning you to convert prospects into loyal.

So, what is an Offline Webinar?

If you are not familiar with offline webinars then don’t stress, many people aren’t. Offline webinars are one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing. However, because they are relatively new they are not widely known. Once you learn how effective offline webinars can be in creating opportunities for your products, you will definitely want to take advantage of this incredibly powerful marketing tool.

What are offline webinars

Offline webinars are web-based seminars, mostly free, in which you give an online presentation about a topic that has real value for those listening. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to a specific product, although it can be. The content of your webinar, however, needs to be something that your audience can take away and use in their everyday lives.

Let’s clear this from the start: Offline webinars are not sales pitches. It’s kind of counter-instinctual, but that’s what makes offline webinars cutting edge marketing tool.

Here is how it works: Business people today have a lot of things competing for their attention. Because the Internet offers almost unlimited resources and because technological advances allow people to access these resources from anywhere at any time from a multitude of devices. Business people are busier than they have ever been before.

If you think people are going to sign up and participate in a 30- or 60- minute online sales pitch without hitting the “close” button – even if it’s “free” – then you are sadly mistaken. People’s time is too valuable for that these days.

No, the purpose of an offline webinar is not to directly sell products or services. The purpose is to build a relationship with your audience and create a trust bond so that when you do promote a particular product or service; they will be more likely to buy from you as opposed to your competitors because you already have given them something of value.

In a sense, once attendees participate in your offline webinar, they are indebted to you in a way. This makes them more open to buying your products or services later.

Offline webinars give you an edge over your competitors because you have created both a personal relationship with your customer and because you have pre-disposed your customer base to be open to what you are selling.

So that is the basic concept of an Offline Webinar the most powerful marketing tool.

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