Rick Reagan
Member Technical Staff AT&T Labs, Inc.


It was a pleasure working with Anthony at Fujitsu. Anthony is extremely well connected in the broadcast industry and knowledgeable. Anthony closed numerous business deals. It would be an honor to work with Anthony in the future. Thank you, Anthony, for some wonderful times at Fujitsu, I wish you all my best. Rick Reagan 

Rick worked directly with Anthony at Fujitsu Advance Technology Group FFNA

Lac Do
Products / Sales Management


I’ve worked with Anthony for 7 years at Terayon and Fujitsu. Anthony has the drive, consistency, and charisma to exceed our sales goals. He understands and presents products well. He is able to build long term trusting and profitable customer relationships. He’s an asset to any sales organization.

Lac worked with Anthony at Fujitsu Advance Technology Group FFNA

Lacy Pack
Director, Technical Services at DIRECTV


Anthony provides what a customer expects…fast responses, attention to requests and having the customers best interest in mind while supporting his companies goals. Having experience with Anthony from a co-worker standpoint, as well as having him as an Account Executive selling to me, I cannot say enough about his professionalism.

Lacy was with another company when working with Anthony at Fujitsu Advance Technology Group FFNA

Pat Poersch, PMP
Ericsson Service Delivery Manager
Creating value in all phases of customer relationships! I enjoyed working with Anthony as he was always focused on developing creative solutions and addressing customer needs. He did a good job of putting the organization in a position to win new business.
Pat worked with Anthony at Tandberg Television
Mark Jensen
Advanced Video Architect at Ericsson

Anthony provided extremely valuable information and insight into how Tandberg’s various products and services could be leveraged by Cox Communications. Through my position at Cox I was responsible for the interactive television strategy and I often called upon Anthony has a trusted resource to assist in that planning. Anthony could be counted on to help translate both business and technical solutions to individuals and groups in a manner that fostered very effective progress. A feat not always possible but Anthony has the ability to build confidence in trust in others which is one of his strengths. I would highly recommend Anthony and consider him a trusted part of my professional network.

Mark was Anthony’s client