When you have decided to start making your own web videos, probably will have taken all of the necessary steps to create awesome videos. You have most likely figured out your script, how you are going to say it and where you will film your video.

But, there is probably one important aspect that you left out of planning. When you’re in the editing phase of your videos, do you ever say to yourself, “How will people who can’t hear very well understand what is in the video?”

Well then, you have not thought about subtitles or any type of hearing aid to your web video, because, no one has mentioned it.

Because there are no known rules and regulation regarding putting sub-titles onto your web videos, you probably have not even thought about adding them to your web videos.

However, this is a clever strategy because there are now over 20 million people who suffer from hearing loss. Because of this, they may watch the video and not understand anything you are saying or trying to teach them, not because they are not paying attention, but they can not hear you.

Many people simply don’t add sub-titles to their web videos because it is hard work and time-consuming. It is a long process to add sub-titles, however, if you are able to do it and get it right, there are a number of benefits.

The main one is gaining a whole new subscriber base, which are the individuals who are suffering from hearing loss.

If you want to add sub-titles to your web videos but are too impatient to wait the extra days to upload it, there are a few options you can use. Here is what you do: When you first finish the video, you upload it where you want, whether this is on YouTube or your personal blog.

However, after you have finished your first version of the video, and it is running live, begin to add captions to the same video. Since the video is already available for people to watch, you will not have to sacrifice viewers because you want to add captions.

You can now take your time to add captions, and then when you are finished you can upload a second video for the hearing impaired.

This will not only grow your viewership, but it will show that you care about these millions of people who are hard of hearing.

If you are afraid that you don’t know how to add captions, you don’t want to take the time, then you can use a service to add the captions for you. There is a company called dotSub, which will actually transcribe and add captions to your personal video.

This is great if you have a popular video blog, but you want to make it accessible for individuals who are hard of hearing. When you find yourself in this standpoint, then you can submit your video to this company, and they will do all of the work for you.

One of the best features about this company is the fact that they can transcribe and add captions to your video in a multitude of different languages. Thus, if you have an international audience, they are more than able to understand what your video is telling them.

I really hope you enjoyed this topic as much as I enjoyed learning about it. I hope you read some of my content and find it helpful.

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Anthony Flatt

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