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Why I’m Different:

Hey There, I'm Anthony.
You might be thinking to yourself: “What does he mean by saying he’s different?”
Let me tell you why. You might have seen many of these “About Me” pages where marketing giants try to picture themselves as the savior of your day.
Heck, they make it seem like your business is never going to succeed without their product.
Now just a disclaimer, I know many very successful and influential marketers who are good, honest people. I am not saying they are thieves or they just want your money. They are just doing what they are best at, marketing.
So, am I just another marketing guru that is going to end up selling you a $4995.95 product you might not even need?
NO!! And that, my friend, is why I am different. Let’s face it, we all want to make money, I know you do and you know I do. That’s the reason most of you came to my sight is it not?

You want to know how you can grow your business, you want to know how to come up with effective strategies to generate more traffic for your website.
For those of you that are here for that reason, you should be proud of yourself! We all know it is not easy. I built my online business for more than 10 years in my off time when I was not at work.
It might not have taken you that long and will probably not take you that long after leaving this website, but it is not going to be overnight. I was fortunate enough to lead a lucrative career in marketing and sales for more than 30 years.
That’s where my expertise is, specializing in profit-driven direct response marketing, Increasing sales in challenging environments and successfully developing strategic partnerships.
So, how am I different? I am not going to sell you a $4995.95 product you might not even use. But! I might sell you a $4995.95 product you definitely will use. And I will not do so through lavish advertising and $1 million ad campaigns.

I will do so by showing you the value I can add to your business.
I am not going to be seen as a hero on this website, yes, it took me years to become very successful. Yes, it was hard, but I want to guide you down the right roads. I want to help you avoid the mistakes that cost me thousands. See me as a mentor, not a hero.
I have made over $100 million dollars in sales collectively. I know how to do what I say I can do. Make sense?
This is getting long. Before you feel too afraid to check out my products, I am not going to sell you a $5000.00 dollar product, relax.
Have a breeze through my content...articles, podcasts, Oh! And if you find a pop up with an ebook or newsletter subscription, don't be afraid to hand over an email address. I won’t spam you, I just met you!

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”
Looking forward to working with you!
-- Anthony Flatt.

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