Here is the fact of all facts. You are either making things happen or letting things happen to you. Usually, not both. This article is going to be solely about the facts. Be prepared; the word “Fact” is going to appear a lot in this article.

Fact: 100 million people are considered to be poor in the United States. You can be one of them just by continuing your way of thinking. Less than 3% of the world’s population is considered poor. Interestingly, none of the top elites in our world today have explained, in detail, how they become mega-wealthy.


In my childhood, from 7 to 17 years old, I should be either dead or in prison. I didn’t let anyone tell me what was going to happen to me and how I was going to react to it. You have to make things happen on your own; you have to make your facts.

Most people will not stand up and make their own decisions, they will let life determine where they end up and then say: “It was meant to be like this.” It was not! One thing specifically that confuses me is when people say they want to do something, but when it is crunch time they flake out.

Here is an example,

Two of my friends I want to partner up with. They are really smart guys and we get along well. The problem is that when I set meeting times, they are busy. There is no problem with that, but what about when it happens five times? I then decide to cut my losses and go forth alone. When I make a massive success off of my hard work, then they are astounded. I just do not get it!

It all comes down to Nike. Just do it, you are not going to be a success if you do not get up and get it done. No, this is not some sap story, motivational video. I am going to use the most simple example I can think of. If you do not get out of bed in the mornings, what will happen? Nothing gets done! For some, it is muscle memory to leap out of bed at 4 am, for many, however, it is not!

We all have our different strengths and weaknesses, life is about using your strengths to improve your weaknesses. Business is a difficult place to be, simply because, if you do not get things done you will be left behind and broke. I know for a fact that you have strengths, but what are your weaknesses?

If you know what they are, or even still need to identify them, click here to drop me a voice message. Let’s get things done together. But! I only want to work with you if you want to accept help.

If you are part of the 3% out there that do not let others determine your success, then I want you to click here. My tailored, one-on-one coaching is based on 30+ years of corporate experience.

As I say to many of my students, Let’s getter done!

Anthony Flatt

Anthony Flatt is an experienced executive with over $100M in career sales and three decades of increasing success in technology sales, sales management, and business development, in both online and offline environments. A seasoned professional with strong entrepreneurial traits including tenacity, high energy and endurance, self-reliance, independent thinking, and a sense of urgency. Anthony is an author and creator of several books and cutting edge training programs with a demonstrated ability to develop a clear vision and achieve aggressive goals in challenging environments. Anthony is most passionate about helping people who are will to demonstrate a need to be successful through dedication, hard work and taking massive action.

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