When you gave your subscribers premium content as a bribe, your chances of a future sale are much better.

When you go to offer them something for sale, the chances of them buying something from you are a lot higher than if you slap together a pathetic little e-book. And for those of you that just hit a brick wall because you don’t know how to write an e-book, and you don’t have any interest in writing an e-book then no problem.

You can outsource the whole process. All the research, the content, the e-book, the book cover if you want to have it published on Amazon Kindle, virtually everything. You can outsource the entire process.

So don’t let a fear of e-books or a lack of your interest in writing e-books deter you from having them — especially a high-quality, high-value e-book as a bribe to get somebody to give you their email address. In your e-books, not only include all your great content but also add your web site, your name, different links to different things like your web site, or other offers.

Make sure you have your name and web site address on every single page, and you produce your e-book in a PDF format so that it can not be edited. This way even if somebody takes your e-book and starts to post it on all the Black Cat Web sites, it doesn’t matter because what happens then, as your e-book turns into a viral marketing tool for you, it’s got your name and email address on every single page.

It’s going to have the links to your offers on every single page. So by stealing and distributing your e-book, they’re helping you market yourself. They’re virally getting your message out there.

Another value exchange you can use to get somebody’s email address is a valuable article or a relevant report.

Now it’s not working so well in internet marketing because it’s been so overused, but still, in the financial markets and the higher end, high capacity markets are a lot of this going on. I know in the industries that I’m in, anytime I want to get some research, every time I click on a link from a news article it takes me to that research company, and I end up in front of one of their research reports.

These are usually six or seven-page reports that give you some insights on what’s going on in the industry, and they often sell these for a lot of money. They sell these for three hundred ninety-five point ninety-five dollars.

If they offer me one of these reports in exchange for my email address, I’m reasonably likely to give them my email address because I already know the value of these reports.

Another value exchange for an email address is your blog.

Give them access to your blog content, not just your blog itself but an ongoing update of every article you post on your blog as well as specialty content they would not usually find in your blog.

This article is worth applying to your email strategy, trust me. I have used these methods for years.

If you need help getting your business where you want it to be, click here, and I will be more than happy to help you boost your number quickly.

Till next time, Anthony.

Anthony Flatt

Anthony Flatt is an experienced executive with over $100M in career sales and three decades of increasing success in technology sales, sales management, and business development, in both online and offline environments. A seasoned professional with strong entrepreneurial traits including tenacity, high energy and endurance, self-reliance, independent thinking, and a sense of urgency. Anthony is an author and creator of several books and cutting edge training programs with a demonstrated ability to develop a clear vision and achieve aggressive goals in challenging environments. Anthony is most passionate about helping people who are will to demonstrate a need to be successful through dedication, hard work and taking massive action.

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