Something you can use as a bribe is also E-courses you can have somebody sign up to. A class with relevant content that gets delivered to them via email.

You could also have them sign up for an audio video or webinar training course. Let’s talk briefly about squeeze pages, landing pages. A squeeze page is just a page that is advertising your valuable content in exchange for their email. Now, these pages should only have one purpose. Their job is to collect an email address.

There shouldn’t be any other menus or any other options or any other things to do on this particular page. It’s a flycatcher page. On a squeeze page, less is more. You want to drive home the point that you have this thing of value, and you’ll give it to the exchange for their email address.

That’s all you want to message. The more you tell them, the more likely you’re just going to confuse them. They are just going to go away without taking action. They have one thing to do on that page, and that’s to give you an email address. There are several ways you can advertise your squeeze page.

You can create a free report and post it out freely on the Internet.

That could be a subsection of your free e-book. Maybe it’s a chapter, perhaps it’s an overview, and then it has links to your squeeze page where they can get your free e-book. Perhaps, you write an article and post it out in the article directories that are about similar content with a link back to your squeeze page for your free e-book offer.

Maybe you put your free e-book offer in your signature on all of the forums that you visit. You can include your squeeze page link in the Facebook post, in forum posts, you can tweet out your free offer. You could run a classified ad on the free indexed pages and include your free offer, and a link to your opt-in page.

You can work with other businesses and offer your free report or your free e-book as a gift to their customers. You can provide coupons and contests in exchange for somebody signing up for your free offer. You can run a banner ad on somebodies Web site you can offer to exchange banner ads where you allow somebody else to run an ad on your Web site and you run your ad on their Web site.

You can do pay per click advertising for your free offer. You can do Google AdWords you can do article marketing both on your blog in another article directories to promote your free offer at the end of the article or links throughout the piece. You can have pop up pop under an exit pop ads on your Web site for your free offer.
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