Anthony Flatt here. More people are looking at how to make money online or work from home. They want to start their own business and want to know if “this or that idea” would work to make money online or as a home-based business.

In this blog, I am going to go through at least 59 different ways on how you can make money online or start your own home-based business. This will be a high-level overview as I won’t have time to go into great detail but you can Google the ones you like.

I will also reference websites that you can go to for the ones that I have. Then if you have any other questions, by all means just shoot me an email and I’ll help you out.

Let’s get started.

Making Money With Your Website

First off, making money with your website. You can build a bunch of niche websites in a specific niche, a specific category and then you can do things to make money with those. Some of those are just by running ads.

You can run pay-per-click ads on there like AdSense. Google AdSense is probably the most popular. You can run pay-per-view advertising on there, which basically means they pay every time somebody sees the ad. For example, companies like ValueClick and Tribalfusion and various others.

Google Ads

Just Google “pay-per-view” or “pay-per-click advertising” to find some of those advertisers. There’s something similar that’s called ‘pay-for-action’ or ‘cost-per-action.’ The idea here is they actually don’t pay you unless somebody clicks on the ad and takes some action.

So it takes them to the website and then they sign up for the newsletter and take a specific action. Neverblue Media, Clickbooth, CPAWay, there are tons of companies that offer this.

Affiliate Networks

You can actually advertise on your website affiliate products from small companies to large companies. Obviously, Amazon is one of the largest affiliate networks out there and one of the most well-known. But there’s also Commission Junction, ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, even eBay has a partner affiliate network.

Direct Affiliate

There are also direct affiliates where you can actually put a banner ad or a link or an advertisement on your website for a product or service that you’ve purchased. It could be your web hosting company like HostGator or BlueHost, or your domain name service like NameCheap, your web platform, WordPress, OptimizePress, Wishlist Member. They all have direct affiliate programs that you can advertise on your website.

Sell Ad Space

You can also just sell ad space. Someone can buy some banner ad space on your website. You can also buy that at

Create your Own Products

And then you can create your own products and sell them on your website. I’m always talking about creating products because that’s one of my favorite things to do. You can create a video training course, an eBook, a Kindle book and a membership site for all of these.

Create physical products also. Make a DVD or a CD or a physical book and ship that to your customer. From creating your software, tools, and plug-ins. There are lots of software and services you can create that you can actually sell from your website as well.

External Links

Selling text links is also a thing. You can actually create blog posts or articles on your website and then put links in there to various products and services. It could be an affiliate link for you or just could be a link service that will pay you to embed links in your articles and on your website.


You can also ask for donations, especially if you’re non-profit. But I have actually seen businesses ask for donations as well. I know that they’re in the software world, a lot of the free software will ask for donations as well. So that’s something else you can do. 

Sell your Website

You can build it up, generate good positive cash flow and then sell it. Or you can create a bunch of mid sites, get a bunch of traffic going to it and then flip them and sell them quickly. Websites like Flippa is where you can sell your websites on and they’ll broker it for you.

Affiliate Marketing

You can make money with affiliate marketing. You can use your website to get people to sign up for your mailing list and then you can use that mailing list to promote other people’s products.

Promote Your Own Products

You can also promote your own products obviously. Even if you don’t have an email list, you can use social media to promote products. You can tweet affiliate offers out. You can put affiliate offers on Facebook and use other social media to promote your affiliate offers.

Sell Your Old Things

Sell your old books. If you have some, you can actually sell them. is the place where you can sell them. Or sell your old clothes and things that are in your closet. You can do that both online and offline.

I know my daughters actually buy and sell clothes to Plato’s Closet. They take their clothes in, when they outgrow them, trade them in, get credit and then they go buy other clothes. It’s a used clothing store but it’s a way for you to be able to keep your good conditioned clothes and get some value out of them. And also be able to buy some new clothes with the money that you get from that.

Get paid for recycling and selling your old electronics, like your old cell phones and your old computer games and old computer consoles. There are people that are buying those. Gazelle buys your phones right off the internet. You ship them to them. They give you some money. So you can actually make money doing that.

And then you can sell your movies and games and old computers, video games and audios. Even though everything is getting digitized and put online, there’s still a pretty big market for the physical DVDs and CDs and games consoles and cartridges. So you can sell all those online as well.

Get Paid to Shop Online

You can get paid to shop online —, you see a lot of commercials for them these days talking about just going buying what you’d normally buy but buy it online. Buy it through them and you make money actually using them because they get a commission from the company that you bought from.

Sell Custom Shirts

That’s been pretty popular. Just create your T-shirt online and then you go out and promote it via social media and get people to buy your T-shirt. Then you actually make money.

Tee-spring is somebody that does that. They have an online design and it’s actually pretty easy just to create a T-shirt. And they will do the fulfillment.  If you can come up with a really crazy T-shirt idea that might be popular, you can make a lot of money just selling T-shirts.

Sell Services on Fiverr

You can sell different kinds of services on Fiverr. Do graphics or create podcast coverage for people. Create product eBook covers, articles or write eBooks for them. There’s an endless amount of things that you can do on Fiverr to make money. 

Sell your Crafts

If you make crafts, trinkets or graphics, you can sell those online as well. There are tons of little craft places where you can list your products for sale and they either get a commission when you sell the product or you pay them an upfront fee for listing it with them.

Try New Products

There are lots of websites out there that will pay you to try their new products. CashCrate will pay you to just try different products. Or get paid to be a beta tester and test beta products. You can beta test websites. Also, you can beta test services and people will pay you to try their product and then provide them feedback.

Host a Dinner

EatWith is a website where you can go and get paid to actually host a dinner.

Rent Out Space in your House

RelayRides does, renting out your driveway or garage, especially if you live somewhere near an amusement park or a sporting event. Rent out a room in your home. JustPark is a website where you can rent out a room in your home. Obviously as a bed-and-breakfast like one night or you can obviously rent it out for long-term.

Be a Friend

SliceThePie is where you can get paid for being a friend. This is a sad state of affairs is when you can get paid for being a friend but I guess there’s probably a need for it. RentAFriend will also pay you to be somebody’s friend.

Drive People Around

So you basically are a driver. I’ve got a number of friends that are doing this and it’s getting really popular. Uber is probably the big name in that market space. Lyft is another one that’s out there.

Be a Tutor

You can get paid to help somebody learn a language. Even get paid in tutoring somebody to learn to play a musical instrument. And get paid to teach somebody how to garden. There’s a lot of different ways that you can get paid by just teaching somebody.

Scan your Receipts

You can get cash by scanning your receipts from the grocery store or from the department store. That’s something a lot of these stores are doing now, they’re doing lots of really in-depth statistics and analytics on what their customer’s buying habits are. They don’t really know what you bought necessarily, without having some idea of being able to look back at your receipt.

Now, their services will allow you to scan in your receipts and will pay you for those. Then, they take that data and scrape into a system, into a database and then they’re able to run their analytics on. 

Set Up an Online Store

You can obviously set up an online store and sell things on Amazon or eBay or any of the online stores, any of the online platforms.

Be a Field Agent

Basically, a field agent is someone going to businesses and scanning barcodes and taking photos with your mobile phone, taking pictures of products. They also conduct surveys and basically being an extension of a department store or manufacturer’s sales force. They’re doing this just to generate more interest in their product.

Find Jobs on Craiglist

You can find all kinds of odd jobs on Craigslist. From helping somebody to move to do yard work. There are tons of things that you can do physically just to make some money.

Or go back to the old school ways and you can get paid to be a babysitter. Or can get paid to go mow lawns. You can get paid to take care of the elderly. There’s a bunch of services that you can do that you can get paid for as well.

Look on Craigslist and buy things that you know that can sell, old phones and what have you and be able to make some money that way as well. You can obviously have your own garage sales and offer things. Some people go to garage sales and they’ll go and buy things and then turn around and try to sell them on eBay or whatever and whatever they can’t sell, they’ll end up having a garage sale.

Do Surveys

You get paid to do surveys and share your opinion. There’s a ton of survey places out there that will pay you to take a survey. There are also places that will pay you to try a product and then do a review. I’ve been into a couple of reviews. I did a Taco Bell survey review.

I basically was invited to come and sample the new Catalina tacos and things that Taco Bell came out with, and basically, sample their food and give them an in-depth review of what I thought about the food. They asked me lots of different questions about the texture, the taste, the temperature, what I thought, the look, was it marketable? Would I pay for it? So you can get paid to do that.

Do Freelance

Accept freelance work. We talked a little bit earlier than you can get paid to do transcripts. You can get paid to write books, to be a ghostwriter or write music. Do all kinds of things as a freelancer, be a virtual assistant just to help somebody get stuff done or help somebody clean up their email and get caught up on their email.

Sell your written articles and sell them to article sites. Freelance in writing articles and putting them out there so that you can actually make money. You can also get paid to actually read different things and basically provide a report on what you read. There are a ton of ways that you can make money just freelancing.


You can have an entire business wrapped around dropshipping. Advertise a product on any one of the platforms, Amazon, eBay or whatever, and once the order comes in, have a manufacturer or somebody else actually drop ship the product for you. So you’re actually selling something that you don’t even inventory.

There are a lot of companies overseas doing that now. I know a lot of companies in China are offering for you to drop ship directly from them to the customer. So you actually put their product online. You do all the marketing and promotion of it and then when it sells, they drop-ship it directly to a customer. You invoice the customer and then you pay the manufacturer.

Sell your Photos

You can sell your photos, both new and old. Selling an old photo collection is also a thing. You’d be amazed how many people will pay for photos of various things you’ve taken pictures of. Be it nature scenes, be it busy city scenes, be it your family, or anything. Everybody is always looking for different types of photos to use on their website and ads and books and material.

There are more and more people who copy-writing their photos. So it is not legal for you to just go grab something off the internet, especially if it’s copywritten by somebody or you know who took it. Even if it doesn’t specifically say it’s copywritten. If the photo was by somebody and you know that they took the photo, they own the copyright to it automatically. There are a lot of opportunities to go out and either take photos or just sell. Sell off photos that you have. Just list them on a photo site and you can sell them there.

Create an Online Course

How to save money on your taxes, how to create a collage in Photoshop, how to use a piece of software, whatever that is, you can actually get money by creating an online course. There’s a bunch of different websites for that. You can do that through Udemy, SkillFeed, SkillShare.

Go Around to Estate Sales

When somebody passes away and they’re selling off their estate because they’re going to sell the property or whatever, when they’re done with that and they’ve sold everything they can possibly sell, someone gets paid to come in and take the rest of it away. I have some friends that their entire business is just showing up. They work with different auctioneers and they show up and basically haul off everything for free.

The reason they haul off everything for free is that often times anything that can’t sell is left behind. Sometimes it’s a piece of heavy furniture that nobody wanted to move or its too old and nobody knew what the value was. Often times its just garbage and trash. But they make a lot of money just going and cleaning those out. Yes, they end up doing away a ton of stuff but they also end up getting a whole bunch of things for free. The only thing they have invested in is their time and effort.

Be a Mystery Shopper

Basically, you’ll go into stores and take pictures of their displays, take pictures of how they have things set up, going through the process and then reporting back. Typically, they will tell you to go in and buy certain brands and see where they are, how easy it was to find them and how they were labeled and priced. Then you report back on what you found.

Take Pictures of Yourself

You can get paid to take pictures of yourself in various locations. There are companies that will pay you to take pictures in front of their business or their equipment. Or people that will pay you to take your picture in front of famous monuments and different things.

It sounds a little interesting to me. I’m not a big fan of taking selfies so I probably wouldn’t do that myself. But hey, there’s something for everybody. You can get paid for doing physical surveys on your phones.

Do Audio Survey

You call an 800 number and they give you an audio survey that you go through and you can get paid for doing so. 

Accept Typing Job

Or get paid to type. People will send you stuff that needs to be typed up. Sometimes, you get audio and you’ have to transcribe it or to type up a letter or a business proposal. If somebody else has typed it up, you need to edit it. You need to prepare it. Typing services have been around for a really long time and they’re still available.

Hopefully, I made the 15 minutes and that just gave you a bunch of different ideas.

Not that I’m saying anyone is better than others. There’s a ton of them. But just to give you a large scope of ideas of different things that you could do to make money online or to make money from home, or to start your own home-based business. If you have any questions again, just shoot me an email. We’ll be more than willing to help you. Take care.

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