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Today I want to talk to you about how you can now monetize your webinar. When you have completed your webinar, you ideally want to contact everyone, and I mean everyone that registered. No, not just the people that attended, but every registration. And that is where monetizing begin.


You need to call on these individuals, via phone call, email, skype, etc. Whichever way you can get hold of them, you, your reseller, your joint ventures, and your partner need to manually get hold of each registration. The way I see it, I would rather have 1 registration contacted by 3 or 4 people, than have them not been contacted at all.

The Webinar

In all my years of doing corporate webinars, I have never had a person call to complain that they feel badgered. Instead, they call to find out who the right person is to ask for a quotation. Trust me, you DO NOT want to mess this step up. Rather feel like you contacted too much than feel that you didn’t do enough to contact your registrations.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to contact them before the webinar. This might scare them off because they might think you just a run of the mill salesman. So after your webinar will be the best time to initiate the “personal contact” phase.

The Email

Many people assume that an email would be the most obvious and easiest way to contact your prospect. It is, but email can easily be canned, opened late, or sent to spam. You never really know if they read your email, let alone received it. So it is good to follow up with a personal call or voicemail.

If you and whoever else can not get hold of them right away, try over the next three days. I like to use a method called “Triple-play”. I would email, call and then text them. It just leaves no avenue unventured.


If all attempts fail, no worries. Prepare a monthly newsletter and add them to your autoresponder list. Always have a back up to your back up. Keep inviting the people that registered to your webinars, if one of your customers get an invitation they could think to themselves: “I have already attended this one, maybe John Doe will enjoy this.”

We all know the most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth. Oh! And it’s free! So you can find yourself in a win-win situation more often than not.

This is the end of part one, but don’t worry, tomorrow part 2 will be available to read. I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you benefit from this article series on monetizing your webinar.

Start Monetizing

Monetize Your Webinar

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This was Anthony, I will catch you in part 2.

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