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Before I begin I would suggest that you check it out first. If you have read part 1 already then let us continue where we left off.

The Invitation

You want to ideally invite people to a specific webinar more than once. I have had people come back to me and say: “Hey Anthony, I keep getting this invitation to your webinar I already attended, what is going on?” I see this as a good thing and usually respond with something like: “Hi there, I hope you are well. We are just making sure that everyone has received an invitation and knows about the webinar.” By monetizing your webinar, everything will kick in.

I try my best to politely explain that it is not for pushing purposes that an invitation was sent more than once, and then I would indirectly suggest that they share the invitation with team members, friends or work colleagues. Again, I have never had anyone say: ”That is dumb, take me off your subscribers’ list.” Instead, I have had responses like: “Oh, That makes sense!”

The Campaign

Keep sending invites, keep sending monthly newsletters, keep sending weekly updates! This is the lifeline of your online business. Do not get lazy. You have now gone from reaching potential customers once a year to at least once a month, even once a week! Does that not sound like better odds to you?

Do you see the point? The amount of communication between your company and your customer has now increased exponentially. The sales will now also follow by monetizing your webinar. The funny thing is that we have not introduced a new product or cut the price of our existing product, no. It is the same product, maybe the most expensive in the market, or most affordable.

The Gossip

The difference is that now you are top of mind with your customers, the more they hear of you the more they think of you. It is that simple, but not if you don’t keep constant contact. You see, they are now more aware that you have the product they want or need, they are also aware that you are helpful and not a “fly-by-night” company. So now they start calling you and become more engaged and now your sales rapidly increase.


There is an old saying that 80% of a sale is getting in front of your sale. And that makes sense right? I totally agree with that because I see the sense in it. I have a “3 types of people” perspective as well. And that is the person who is going to buy from your competitor, the person who is in the middle between you and your competitor. But worst of all, the person you are unsure of. Will they buy from you? Your competitor? Or will they buy at all? You just don’t know.

You just need to keep sending content out, often times the buyer or person in charge might not be on your webinar. But! Their assistant, friend, colleague, or family member might be. See? Very rarely will you get directly to the person who calls the shots, but persistence pays off. Keep sending invites!

Keep asking people to share the invitation with the people around them. Try everything, keep yourself in the mind of your customer. Steps in monetizing your webinar are also like monetizing potential people. Otherwise, your competitor has already won.

I think that is enough to process for part 2. Again, if you missed part one, go check it out.

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Be sure to come back tomorrow for part 3 of 4 on how to monetize your webinar.

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