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Before I begin, I would suggest starting at part one to avoid confusion. If you have read Monetizing your Webinar part 1 and 2, then let’s continue.

The Pop-up

The customers you have contacted and that are receiving your invitations or newsletters, you want to treat like gold. Why? Remember, word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool in the world. And it is for free, you don’t pay for it. But do you really think people will refer others to you if they get treated poorly? Would you?

See maybe you have been trying and trying and trying to get to a specific person and you just can’t get there, change your approach. Get to someone who can indirectly get to that person. Maybe you can’t get to the VP, but why not their admin?

It will be impossible to tell you the number of huge sales I have secured because I have treated the lower-level guys like they were the highest-level guys in the company. If you are part of my OWF 2.0, you should know of or will still read about my story of how a steak helped me secure tons of high-end sales.

Making a Demo

So, my webinars were so successful in making sales, that oftentimes after a webinar I would have to go right into a live demo or online demo. As a result, I became good at doing demos. And I now feel completely comfortable doing live demos, I can do them all day long. In fact some days I used to have to do 3 or 4 a day.

Now, killer content and great bribes are awesome. But it is not just beneficial for offline marketers. It can also benefit your online business. I personally tweak the methods a bit, I use a lot more online methods to my offline business to drive more traffic to my webinar. These principles apply both online and offline.

Webinar Free Offers

I have another concept though, The big box squeeze play. This is how it works. I know huge, mega-wealthy and super successful online marketers. Their strategy is simple, give great content and short courses away for free on opt-in pages, yes that’s right, give it away for free. Why would they do something like that?

Think about it carefully, all this great content is going out and attracting more people. So this means that these marketers are growing their lists, fast! Now all they do is add these prospects to their sales funnel. And so they can start grooming them with small products until they eventually groom them to the point where they buy a $4995.95 product without thinking twice. See?

See if you get a pop-up one day and they are trying to pitch you a $4995.95 product, would you be interested? Maybe, but 98% will just close the pop-up without thinking twice. But what if the pop-up offered a free ebook that contains valuable information, free. Okay, now you might now just enter an email address. Next pop-up is a free short course but needs your name and email address to receive it. Still not too bad right, then next might be a $20 product, then higher, higher and so on and so forth. This is one way of monetizing your webinar.

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This was Anthony, catch you in part 4.

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