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Today I want to talk about promoting your offline webinar. Creating a great offline webinar that provides highly valuable content is not easy at all. But then you also need to get people to participate.

One of the easiest ways to get people to want to participate in your webinar. Is to offer it for free. Offering it for free to your customers is one of the best ways to start building that relationship. That will reap long-term rewards down the line when they become a lifelong customer.

If your webinar is valuable enough that people would pay to attend it. You will still need to build an audience, so offer it for free anyway. Then, when word of mouth spreads and your audience begins to build, offer a paid version. But always give it away for free to start off with.

When you offer it for free. You will have to consider the doubt from people who think because your webinar is free. It will have very little value or will be a sales pitch. Try your best to convince some of your existing customers that it is neither valueless nor a sales pitch.

Get Feedback for you Webinar

One technique you can use is to approach some of your existing accounts. And explain that you are just trying out this new webinar. And would like to get some unbiased feedback on it.

When they comply and you create your presentation. Send out comment cards and ask for their feedback on what was good and what could be improved. Then ask if you can use the good feedback as testimonials. Then, use the bad comments to make adjustments to your presentation.

Even though what you are offering is free. At first you will still have to be the salesperson for your webinar. When you approach customers. Talk about how useful the content is and emphasize that it is not just another sales pitch. Ask them if they would be willing to spend part of their lunch hour. Taking part in your webinar for free.

As you create your sales pitch, always keep in mind what your customers are thinking: “What’s In It For Me?”, everybody’s favorite radio station: WII-FM.

Determine what it is that your participants would want to take away from your webinar. If you have taken the time to create your webinar content from this perspective in the first place, this should be easy. However, it may be necessary to sell the same content in different ways to different people depending on what their needs or wants are.

Once you can convince your customers to tune in to WII-FM so that they could benefit from your webinar for free. you will see the response to your invitations begin to grow.

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