Quality Is Queen

Quality Is Queen

One common complaint some of partners and colleagues always talk about is poor grammar usage. Mai ly in their ebooks, courses and training materials. The occasional mistake is understandable, it could even make you more relatable because your visitors can see you also make mistakes sometimes.

websites with poor grammar or many mistakes will often leave customers or prospects wondering if the creators even care. Don’t let yourself be seen as lazy, it could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. You need to proofread and spellcheck all of your content before you list it as a product.

When it comes to proofreading there are two common perspectives, one is the people who already see the value in proofreading and spell checking everything. then there are people who have the mentality of not being bothered by awful grammar and bad spelling. People like this are not confident that their content will even be read in the first place.

If you wonder why it is necessary to proofread and spellcheck, you need to see the importance of proofreading. It allows you to catch any mistake you might have made, it also allows you the opportunity to make sure that you did not leave out anything important. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of proofreading is to make sure that you are creating high-quality products.

Content may be King, but the quality is Queen! Even if you are able to create content for one of the hottest topics or niches, it’s not going to benefit you if you have content that looks like a four-year-olds school book. That is why there is often a direct connection between proof-reading your content and your overall sales.

Proofreading, especially multiple times may seem time-consuming, but it will definitely help you in the end. It is a well-known fact that interesting and properly written content is far more popular than interesting content. Since creating a high-value product is so important in securing sales.

I suggest that you proofread your product, multiple times. Proofreading your own product can be tricky, you can sometimes forget what you actually wrote. Often times when you reading, you are not reading the words that you wrote.

You are usually reading the words that you thought you wrote. One of the tricks that I use when I proofread is doing so after I read it. And, I actually read it from back to front.

Also getting friends to help you proofread is often the better answer.

I hope this article helped you realize that proofreading is the best way to ensure quality. Here is my podcast on the matter, just click here.

Have a good one.


Anthony Flatt

Anthony Flatt is an experienced executive with over $100M in career sales and three decades of increasing success in technology sales, sales management, and business development, in both online and offline environments. A seasoned professional with strong entrepreneurial traits including tenacity, high energy and endurance, self-reliance, independent thinking, and a sense of urgency. Anthony is an author and creator of several books and cutting edge training programs with a demonstrated ability to develop a clear vision and achieve aggressive goals in challenging environments. Anthony is most passionate about helping people who are will to demonstrate a need to be successful through dedication, hard work and taking massive action.