SEO Is Important

SEO Is Important

Search Engine Optimization is so important that even Google itself has hired SEO experts to improve their SEO ranking. I am 100% serious right now. I have seen job postings by Google.

Here is what they said: “Program Manager, SEO. As a program manager for technical SEO, you will work for a cross-functional team across marketing, sales, product development, engineering, and more to help drive organic traffic and Business growth.

You will take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene, and define web architecture for international websites.

There you have it. Google does SEO. Perhaps it is just a hoax to try and make people believe that they are doing SEO. They were criticized for taking advantage of their search engine algorithms and driving traffic to their websites at their competitor’s expense.

The point is,

Search Engine Optimization is still somewhat relevant and needed even to the end that Google themselves are using it. Back in the day, all SEO was, was keyword stuffing. But back then there were a lot fewer spammers, Google was less sophisticated, and everyone and their dog was doing SEO.

Now it is comprised of a lot of different factors, all held in Google’s magical algorithm. One thing most people will agree on though is that it is essential to be on top of the google listings. That is why SEO is essential. If you are not on the top page, the top three to five listings on the google page then your chances of being seen are significantly reduced.

Less than 20% of people are going to scroll past that first page. In other words, If you are not on the top, then you are not going to get seen. Three things factor into how well your SEO works that is backlinking, site optimization, and the content you create.

Google uses these factors to determine how vital your website is and where, in turn, it should be displayed. What many websites do wrong is they put all of their efforts into site optimization. The title tags and subject tags each need to be unique; there are also keyword tags. You need to shift your focus; Google does not consider that important anymore.

Overall, site optimization is essential, what is most relevant is the quality of your content. Keywords are at the root of all SEO. Not the tags you put in the metadata of your website on WordPress, but rather the keywords embedded in your articles or blogs.

Hope you enjoyed this article and have a bit more of an insight to what SEO has evolved in to.

I am Anthony Flatt and will catch you in the next one.


Anthony Flatt

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