“Take Your Webinars To The Next Level, and Skyrocket Your Sales Conversions with this Brand New Success Kit”

Includes:  5 Information Packed Ebooks, Checklists, and Worksheet Plus More…

“Getting Started with Webinars Success Kit” is on
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We all know how critical it is to have a mailing list for a successful business…but there's one big obstacle that can keep you from leveraging your list and that's getting more subscribers, but great news! It's easier than you might think. All it takes is creating simple free gifts that your readers can't wait to give their email address for.


I'm pleased to announce our “Getting Started with Webinars Success Kit” that will teach you how to get started with webinars and successfully market it online. It's brand new and never-before-released just for you.

It's my goal to make it as easy as possible for you to make your webinar, so you have time to focus on turning those audience into paying customers.

Here's a Quick Sneak Peek of What's Included:

This 5-module success kit includes the following:

5 Business Guides: You get 5 instructional ebooks that teach you step-by-step on how to create profit-pulling webinars.

4 Worksheets: You get 4 worksheets that accompany each one of the reports in the Complete Guide to Creating Profitable Webinars module so you can stay on track while planning and organizing their webinars.

6 Detailed Checklists: You get 6 checklists that will give you a summary of all the steps they need to take to create their webinar offer based on the 4 reports.

Now let's take a closer look at one of the modules, the Complete Guide to Creating Profitable Webinars module….

#1: When You Should Use Webinars to Teach or Sell

(4,015 words/11 pages)

If you are often being asked how to do something, this is a good indication that you should put your teaching skills to work and get paid for them. If you are launching a new product, a webinar can help get the sales off to a great start. A webinar would also be a great option to use with a high-ticket or complex item that needs a detailed explanation.


#2: Profit Pulling Webinar Framework

(4,300 words/12 pages)

The most profitable webinars have a similar framework or structure in common. This framework acts as a marketing machine for the product or service you are selling. One of the best ways to create a successful webinar is to model your presentations on best practices.


#3: Webinar Hacks and Best Practices

(4,071 words/13 pages)

We have divided the hacks and best practices into several sections to help you plan and implement the suggestions, in a logical order, which in this case, is the 4 main parts of a standard webinar. Your webinar structure may be slightly different; however, mix and match these best practices and sound strategies to meet your unique needs.


#4: Setting Up Zoom Webinars

(4,513 words/27 pages)

Once you decide to host a webinar, your first decision will be what webinar hosting service to use. There are many available, with both free and paid services. Being able to record the event is essential to your overall success. This gives you the flexibility needed to re-use and re-purpose webinar elements as needed.


This ‘Getting Started with Webinars’ Success Kit would be perfect for you.

Often times after you’ve worked tirelessly on the webinar itself, it becomes frustrating when it does not convert. So why does it not convert?  In this success kit, we will be covering the biggest mistake that people tend to make when it comes to selling with webinars; including the most overlooked mistakes so that you do not make the same mistakes and lose sales.

Webinars have become one of the best marketing tools for almost any business in almost any niche. They're also great for generating extra income. Some webinars will have seats for thousands of people and use the latest software and high-tech presentation features, but others are smaller, with a more intimate group, and with no need for all the bells and whistles.

Limited Time Special for Never-Before Released Content:

Here's what you'll learn from this module:

  • How to determine if you’re ready to host your first webinar
  • What framework works best for creating successful webinars.
  • Tricks and shortcuts from pros that make it easier to create your webinars.
  • How to track the best practices for your webinar
  • How to keep on track as you set up your first Zoom webinar

Bring in sales by creating compelling webinars correctly!


If you have any questions or need anything please open a ticket with my HelpDesk at www.goldmedalsupport.net and we will be happy to assist you.

To Your Success,




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